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There are many different attachment methods and hence it is not easy to know which one to choose. We would therefore like to help you choose the method that works best for you by giving you a simple explanation of what method suits whom best and provide the tools you need to find your perfect hair extensions.



  • Suits all, beginners as well as more experienced users. With some practice, you can attach the hair at home and many hair dressers are very skilled at this attachment method.

  • Pre-bonded hair extensions are finished strands of hair with wax-tipped attachments. You melt each strand you onto a strand of your own hair. The method is popular because it is gentle yet long-lasting. You can easily mix different colours to create a cool highlight effect or to match your hair's natural colour variations.

  • Lasts up to 6 months, depending on care.

  • You will need: a heat iron to attach the hair, a protection shield and nail hair.


  • Our tape hair extensions consist of 4 cm-wide strands with a self-adhesive tape that you attach to your own hair. The flat tape attachment gives you a really natural result and is even suitable for people with thin hair. Better still, if you take good care of them, you can also reuse your tape hair extensions by replacing the self-adhesive tape.

  • Suitable for those with thin and short hair, as the flat attachments become invisible and the method is gentle and puts less strain on your own hair than other methods do.

  • Lasts up to 6 months, depending on care, but if the tape hair is handled properly, it can be taken out and reattached.

  • You will need: tape remover to remove the strands and additional tape if you want to reattach them.


  • If you are looking for a simple method of attachment without glue, tape or heat, micro ring hair extensions are the extensions for you! Each strand of hair comes with a plastic loop and micro ring. The method works well whether you want longer hair, thicker hair or single highlights.

  • Suits everybody, as it is easy to attach using pliers and micro rings, as well as plastic loops that are already attached to the strand.​

  • Lasts up to 6 months, depending on care and can then easily be removed.

  • You will need: pliers to attach and remove the strands.


  • ​Suits those who want a small, almost invisible attachment that is still easy to attach as well as reattachable.

  • This method does not involve any glue, tape or heat, making it extremely gentle. Different colours can be mixed to create a natural result or a highlight effect.

  • Lasts up to 6 months, depending on care, after which it can be reattached with new nano rings if it is properly looked after.

  • You will need: pliers to attach and remove the strands, a hook and nano rings for attachment.​


  • Especially suitable for those with thick hair.

  • Lasts up to 6 months, depending on care.

  • Offers many attachment possibilities – glue, sewing them in or using micro rings. You can also sew in clips and treat yourself to a temporary hair extension.

  • You will need: glue if you want to glue the weft hair extension on, needle and thread if you want to sew it on, pliers, hook and micro rings if you want to attach it as stick hair or clips if you want to clip it on.




  • Clip-in is the fastest way to long hair. It’s great for those who want long hair for work or a party while not causing too much wear on their own hair.

  • Each Clip-in set consists of 7 extensions with sewn-on clips that can be easily attached to your own hair.

  • The hair extensions are not worn out as quickly since you can remove them before going to bed or taking a shower.

  • We have different lengths and, in addition to single colour hair, we offer several ombre colours.


  • Halo hair extensions is a very popular new method. This quality product will give you the beautiful full-bodied hair you've always dreamed of, without damaging your own natural hair.

  • Also called hairband.

  • No glue, no clips, no braids or micro rings.

  • The hair is attached in a thin, strong transparent thread.

  • Very easy to take on and off.


  • Here you can find our Clip-on ponytail in real hair. It’s perfect for various types of hairstyles.

  • As the ponytail is made of real hair it’s perfect for plaiting and styling as you wish.

  • You attach it easily by attaching the comb and closing the Velcro.

  • The ponytail is 20" long and consists of 100g of hair.